Genesis | The Base & The Background

7 Nov

I’ve had an old desktop PC running sitting around the house for the past two years, and decided that I should put it to some use.  I’ve built the PC myself back in 2003 and it’s been with me running reliably for that long.  It’s been sitting dormant since early 2010.

Specs are:

– Asus P4MP Motherboard;

– Pentium Celeron 2.6GHz;

– 768MB RAM;

– 1 × 80GB HDD;

– 1 × 120GB HDD;

– Ethernet Wired NIC; and

– Netgear WG111v2 USB Wi-fi NIC.

I was considering disposing the machine until I came up with the idea of playing with some government open data.  There is interest in my practice at my employer in investigating open data published by various governments and I am interested in using it as a means of investigating tools like the Pentaho Business Analytics Community Edition to do some analysis.

I intend on building it using the Turnkey LINUX LAMP ISO that can be downloaded from

I need to connect the PC to my router using the Ethernet Wired NIC to undertake the initial installation and then attempt to connect it to my router using the Netgear WG111v2 USB Wi-fi NIC.  I am expecting challenges achieving this, so let’s see how we go.

Since I am making this up as I go, I’m sure to make mistakes.  Once I complete the establishment of the base environment, I aim to develop a reusable document to build similar environments.



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